15 Attainable Goals for Artists in the New Year

Bob and I work as a team, and it sometimes takes two of us to keep up with everything! Here are a few of the goals I set for myself to help him concentrate on his painting.

  1. Make a list of competitions and exhibitions NOW, both local and national that you want to enter this year and create a calendar
    1. I posted a blog about this, and now I’m creating a calendar on Google Calendars to add to it.  If you use Google Calendars, you can create several calendars for personal use, business use, exhibitions, etc. and then merge them or view them separately.  It works GREAT for us.
  2. Make a plan to document and organize your work
    1. I photograph everything he paints with my smartphone, then scan the ones we want to put online.  I try to organize them on my computer in file folders according to year completed, and subject matter.  When a painting is sold, I mark it with the name of the buyer.  If we consign paintings to galleries, we print two lists, one for us and one for the gallery.  The key is to just make a plan and keep up with it.  And that’s not easy!
  3. Contact other artists in your community and make plans for regular meetings
    1. Bob is a member of several local art communities but plans to pursue membership in national watercolor societies this year.
  4. Join an online forum group to share ideas – Here’s a good one:  Artist Daily or for technology, I love this one:  Tech Soup
  5. Experiment with new technology
    1. I’m trying to learn how to use Evernote effectively
    2. I want to start making video blogs showing Bob’s technique
  6. Take a trip for inspiration – This doesn’t have to be a big or long trip.  Just a change of venue with the goal of finding new material to paint will work!
  7. Teach a class – You learn lots when you teach.  We’re trying to schedule some seminars this year.
  8. Educate yourself via a seminar or online.  And conversely there are several seminars that Bob would like to attend.  Here’s one of the very best!
  9. Brand yourself with business cards, email signature, logos
    1. We’re still working on this one with a new website.  But I’m also rebranding Twitter, CafePress, email signatures, and am creating business cards and letterhead this year.
  10. Explore galleries and art representatives
    1. One of our favorite local galleries closed last year.  We need to find another one!
  11. Organize your workplace.  We both work better when we’re not buried in stuff!
  12. Update your mailing list.  We use Constant Contact but there are lots of good applications out there.  Don’t forget to add family and friends!  I still haven’t added all these names
  13. Find new vendors and compare pricing.  We primarily use the ones posted HERE
  14. Join organizations that are helpful to you.  A few good ones posted HERE
  15. Have a BACK UP PLAN!  We have so many images on the computer, this is imperative for us.  I’m exploring options this year, as we’re using Time Machine and an external drive but I want to consider another alternative.

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4 Responses to “15 Attainable Goals for Artists in the New Year”

  1. John Lacey Says:

    A great list of goals for the new year.

    Speaking of backing up, Dropbox is a great way of backing up your files and syncing them between multiple computers and devices. It helps me sleep better at night knowing that if something goes wrong with one of my computer the essential files are automatically duplicated on both computer, plus on Dropbox’s own servers. And the free Dropbox account gives you 2GB of storage for no cost whatsoever!

    Happy new year Bob and Rebecca!

  2. moodypaints Says:

    Thanks John, I have a nephew who just went to work for box.net, so check that out too!

  3. Audrey Says:

    I wish you would come and organize me! This is awesome.

  4. moodypaints Says:

    Thanks Audrey! Making a list is easy! Following through will be the hard part…Happy New Year!

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