While Bob Moody doesn’t often do commissioned work, he does appreciate suggestions about places in Alabama that he should paint.  Some suggestions already received include Phillips High School in Birmingham, Rickwood Field, the Greek Orthodox Temple, Railroad Reservation Park, and individual storefronts throughout the city.

Do you have a suggestion of something he should paint?  Please include it below along with any comments regarding why it’s important to you!   He will read them all!  You have no idea how much influence you have!  And then check back often in the Painting Series to see if your suggestion is included.  Thank you!

Prefer to mail the artist?

P.O. Box 530326
Birmingham, AL 35253-0326


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  1. Barry Says:

    How about a book of watercolors depicting a walking tour of historic homes of Mountain Brook…….Everyone wants their home in a book…..Would be easier to sell than vinyl siding

  2. Nonet Reese Says:

    Mr. Moody,
    My father would really like to have a copy of Gifts of Grace for Christmas,
    however i cannot find a copy anywhere. I live in Auburn Al and have searched this town
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions where i might find a hardcopy
    Thank you,
    Nonet Reese

  3. moodypaints Says:

    Thanks for your interest. I’ll call you. Little Professor Bookstore has some in Birmingham. Their number is 205 87-7461

  4. Harris Reynolds Says:

    I wanted to ask if you would link to my site from your More jnfo on Birmingham page ( I’d really appreciate it. All the best to you. Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place… your prints on Facebook look fantastic!

  5. moodypaints Says:

    Sure! I’ll add the link. Nice site…And thanks for your comments on the watercolors! I’ll tell Bob…

  6. Becky Hancock Says:

    John and I enjoyed your company at dinner very much. I hope we get to share time together and break bread the next time you are in Florida. I look forward to hearing from you. Becky

  7. Bonnie Smith Says:

    I am looking through your books right now. Jim allowed me to borrow them till I see him again on Mon. I am so impressed. Your work is beautiful. I grew up in St. John’s Episcopal Church in Montgomery. When I opened the book it was right on that page. Gave me a chill. I live down from Town Village and work with Jim in the pool there. He is a hard worker and I enjoy him very much. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your work. Thank You. Bonnie

  8. moodypaints Says:

    Thanks Bonnie!

  9. ed buckbee Says:

    Checking in with Bob Moody after about 50 years!
    Best, Ed

  10. Eve London Says:

    Hi Bob- Just got my hands on your Birmingham watercolor book and love it. Sorry to hear that you don’t do commissioned work. I am interested in Billy’s Bar in English Village. You have one in your book. Is it available? I would love one specifically Billy’s Bar.
    Let me know if you feel inclined to paint this landmark- Ha!
    Thanks Bob!

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