“He paints, I write – Let’s see where it goes…”

Would you paint me a Birmingham?

Have you heard the song, “Paint me a Birmingham” by Buck Moore and Gary Duffy? Made popular by Tracy Lawrence in 2004, a painter is asked to capture the singer’s romanticized memories of Birmingham – his life, his love, and what he hoped it might be. Every time I play that song, it makes me laugh (and cry), because my husband, Bob Moody, has been painting me a picture of a wonderful Birmingham for over 30 years now. His watercolors are a reflection of our life, both physically and emotionally–where we’ve been, what matters to us, where we want to go…

Click HERE to view video “Paint me a Birmingham”  by Tracey Lawrence on YouTube

Or in some areas, view video below:

We want to capture those memories! So we are beginning on an ambitious project — to paint a Birmingham both in words and watercolors that WE love while also painting YOUR Birmingham.

Do you have a special image of Birmingham (accessible to everyone) that you would like preserved in watercolor? Send us a suggestion and why it’s important to you. Contact us here via our Comments form or via Twitter or Facebook.

And finally, sign up for our enewsletter. We’ll be sending out watercolors once a month for you to use online free of charge if you’ll credit Bob Moody as the artist and link to our website. Let’s help him capture all our memories of Birmingham.

“I’m a little bit country, he’s a little bit….well, classical!”~ (Here’s where it started)