Bob Moody

throughout the seven decades of bob moody's career, watercolor has been a recurring theme.

His very first art class was in the School of Architecture at Auburn University. But Moody soon discovered that presentation was as important as good design and was essential in selling ideas. At that time, watercolor was taught as a quick presentation method and Moody was immediately captivated by the elusiveness and challenge of the medium.

Since then, he has continued to develop his technique through a variety of jobs. Moody has been an illustrator for earth moving equipment and geodesic dome houses, Art Director for Future Projects for NASA’s Apollo I, founder of the interior design department of a large architectural firm, a book publisher, a developer, a general contractor, practiced historic renovation through his own firm, and helped create ordinances and signage while serving on a city council. In all these pursuits, he believes that his ability to illustrate concepts was an imperative part of his success.


Bob considers himself not an artist, but an illustrator, and says that he’s constantly in pursuit of the perfect watercolor. But because of the elusive and unpredictable nature of watercolor, it’s alway a surprise when there’s a moment of ‘magic’ as he says. It may just be the sky or a corner of the painting. But it keeps him interested!

When asked how long it takes him to paint a watercolor, he’ll often say 5 hours and 75 years! Practice, practice, practice is the name of this pursuit! If you asked him (and I would disagree), he’ll say that he’s painted a lot of bad watercolors…but so did Andrew Wyeth!

The more you paint, the more likely you’ll occasionally discover the ‘magic’ and it will keep you interested for a lifetime!