Conceptual Renderings for Five Points South Development

The contest, Prize 2 the Future, is all about cool ideas to transform Birmingham!  And over 1,000 have been received.  So we’ve been thinking –  what makes a good idea better?  Well, most often when it becomes a reality or when it stimulates another good idea!  So ultimately every idea has to be shared to create value.

“Ideas are cheap. I’ve never had a good idea I didn’t have to cram down someone’s throat”

This is one of Bob Moody’s favorites quotes (not sure where it came from!).  It just means to him that good ideas are followed by massive amounts of work!  Yes, ideas are cheap and mostly free for the taking by those who are willing to risk all their energy and resources to make them happen, and consistently refute obstacles along the way.  Often a good idea develops from one that never happened, or maybe a better one is sparked by the ideas of others. Over the years, Bob has had LOTS of ideas for Five Points South and has spent LOTS of hours trying to sell them.  Some are still valid, and maybe it’s better that some were never financed.  Nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned from all of them.

So we decided to share some of these, the good AND the not-so-good.  Below is a sketch for a mixed-use development that included a mid-rise tower on the corner of  20th and 10th Avenue South now under development by Chick Fil-A.  At one time, we hoped to create a residence over what is now Chez Fon Fon (and which used to be our design offices).  Thankfully, the developer was unable to obtain financing and it was never built. (Click on images to view larger.)


Proposed Mixed-Use Sketch for Five Points South 1986

Five Points South Proposed Site Plan Mixed Use 1986

It’s followed by one where something NEEDS to happen – but hasn’t happened yet!  It’s known as Pickwick Place, and because retailers are hidden behind The Highland Hotel, some excitement needs to be created which will draw them into the interior spaces.  Bob created a few sketches with landscaping and ‘eyewash’ to try to help stimulate investment and subsequently attract retailers.


Pickwick Place Courtyard


Site Plan Pickwick Place - Five Points South

It’s interesting to see which ideas become reality.  I hope to continue to post some that did not get built – maybe to illustrate why not – or maybe to spark a good or better idea in someone else’s mind…


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4 Responses to “Conceptual Renderings for Five Points South Development”

  1. Deon Gordon Says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for putting these online.

  2. moodypaints Says:

    Maybe they’ll inspire someone!

  3. Hilda Lewis Says:

    How I remember beautiful Five Points South and the wonderful projects the Moodys were involved in. Always making difference. These are great.

  4. moodypaints Says:

    Of course you remember, Hilda! You had a BIG part in it! Those were the days, my friend….;-)

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