Early in the 20th century, railroads crisscrossed through Birmingham to connect steel mills and transport natural resources mined in our area throughout the country.  I found this old map (above) in Bessemer’s Hall of History Museum, housed in a refurbished and very interesting old train station (seen in watercolor on left), which put it in […]

Maps of Birmingham’s Steelworks and Connecting Railroads

Historical Info

I was recently asked (February, 2011) to document on video why I love Birmingham.  The video testimonials will primarily be used to help attract new tech talent to our city which is becoming known for its tech entrepreneurs and innovation.  Scott Pierce,  the creator of the “Why Birmingham” video testimonials,  believes that Birmingham could actually […]

Why do I love Birmingham? It’s complicated…


It’s almost the end of the month (January, 2011), and we’ve been wildly distracted by the “Prize 2 The Future” contest which is soliciting proposals for a key piece of property in our downtown district. Nothing excites us more than an opportunity to facilitate progress in the city that we love! So for the time […]

Prize 2 the Future – Here we come!


Bob and I work as a team, and it sometimes takes two of us to keep up with everything! Here are a few of the goals I set for myself to help him concentrate on his painting. I posted a blog about this, and now I’m creating a Google Calendar to add to it.  If […]

15 Attainable Goals for Artists in the New Year


One of the best watercolorists in the world and one of our personal favorites, Alvaro Castagnet, teaches seminars in some fantastic locations all over the world.    Click HERE for the watercolor workshop locations and details

If you’re serious about watercolor…


Watercolor is a wonderful medium because of its freshness, transparency, spontaneity, movement, and vibrancy. Those characteristics depend upon the movement of water which quickly evaporates and leaves behind permanent pigment on the paper. The best watercolorists anticipate the movement of the water both while painting, as well as after drying when brush stokes and color […]

Will Watercolors Fade?


I love these watercolors…Several weeks before 9/11, my entire family gathered from across the country to  celebrate my dad’s birthday on a boat that left from Battery Park’s harbor.  We’ve been told that the flag aboard that boat, The Star of America, was the same flag that was placed atop the rubble just a few […]

To remember 9/11