THE OLD Coding and WordPress It’s always a huge undertaking to create a new website, so I thought it might be helpful to other artists to describe our process.  Note that I had designed Bob’s first website in 2009 using  It was a cumbersome process that involved CSS and coding, and editing tools for […]

Creating a New Website

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This is a series of paintings Bob completed recently in which he made an attempt to paint light in transparent watercolor.  It’s one of the most challenging and elusive parts of watercolor painting and the reason he loves it!  It’s the very essence of watercolor!  “Cathedral interiors are the most fun to paint because they […]

Capturing “Light” in Watercolor


One of the best watercolorists in the world and one of our personal favorites, Alvaro Castagnet, teaches seminars in some fantastic locations all over the world.    Click HERE for the watercolor workshop locations and details

If you’re serious about watercolor…


Watercolor is a wonderful medium because of its freshness, transparency, spontaneity, movement, and vibrancy. Those characteristics depend upon the movement of water which quickly evaporates and leaves behind permanent pigment on the paper. The best watercolorists anticipate the movement of the water both while painting, as well as after drying when brush stokes and color […]

Will Watercolors Fade?